Rumors claim that Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards may be power hogs. In a recent ‘everything we know’ article about Nvidia Ada Lovelace and the GeForce RTX 40 Series, we discussed power rumors, possibilities, and likelihoods in depth. Earlier today, Kopite7kimi (opens in new tab) shared some figures that may mean some of our higher estimates were too modest.

Before we go further, it is essential to distinguish between graphics card power limits and TDPs. The power limit will be the maximum wattage the GPU can run at by design and defined in the card’s BIOS. High-end cards with the best coolers might be able to run at somewhere near to the power limit; they might offer higher power limits and be pushed quite a distance further by the tinkering of extreme overclockers. On the other hand, mainstream consumer cards will have TDPs that are probably significantly lower than the maximum possible power limit for the GPU.