As the GPUs continue to saturate the computer hardware market, the scalpers are struggling to make their ends meet because of the consistent price crashes in China.

The value of GPUs has been fluctuating over the past years because of their high demand, especially from crypto miners. It’s interesting to know that while gamers will mostly benefit from this opportunity, the resellers will be left behind in their “business.”

Will GPU Price Crash Plague the Scalpers?

 GPU Prices Are Massively Falling in China | Below MSRP Processors Bad News For Scalpers?

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The flagship GPUs in China continue to crash below their MSRP.

The GPU supply in the market is persistently growing, and this is good news for gamers who have missed the previous stocks because of absurdly-high prices.

The crypto crash has shooed away many miners who have lost “big time” on their investments. With the GPU price crash in China, many people will have a brand-new opportunity to purchase the processors that they have been longing to get.

However, this catastrophic shift in the prices of GPUs will mean disaster for the resellers. As the specialized electronics circuits return to their original MSRP, reselling these cards will be much harder than before. However, that’s not the case for Chinese scalpers.

As per Videocardz via Lowyat, the supplies of Nvidia and AMD GPUs keep on booming in the country because only a few people (gamers) purchase them. Amid the increasing supplies, it’s most likely that some consumers go for the second-hand cards which might have been used already for mining.

As a matter of fact, the GPU prices have been improving amid the recovering Bitcoin value. It should be noted that opting for a graphics card might be a bad idea to do, especially if they would come from resellers.

Some scalpers will lie to their buyers regarding the condition of the GPU. They would say that they are brand-new where in fact they have already used it for crypto mining.

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Why GPU Oversupply Became a Thing?

Another interesting angle to watch out for this year is the arrival of the newest GPU architecture from the chipmakers. It should be noted that Nvidia might soon release the long-time rumored RTX 4090 chip which could potentially rival AMD’s current flagship GPU, per Tech Times.

Having said that, Chinese resellers are forced to sell the cards to their original MSRP or even lower than that.

If you’re looking for a good graphics card deal, you should know that Amazon Prime Day 2022 is currently underway. According to PC Gamer, AMD cards are now available at very low prices in the store. This is now the perfect opportunity to take advantage of huge sale discounts, especially if you are hunting for a decent GPU for your computer.

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