Drag clicking is in essence a technique that uses the force between your hand pressing on top of the mouse whilst simultaneously pushing it forward to create friction that causes very rapid clicks to register from your mouse. As such, drag clicking can only be done for either the left or right mouse click.

Since many games would prohibit the use of software that modifies the click speed, drag clicking remains a legitimate form of increasing your clicks per minute or CPSs to give you a distinct competitive edge over your opponents

Why You Would Want to Drag Click?


There are numerous other different techniques or styles of clicking in rapid succession, but drag clicking is arguably the most preferable when it comes to precision and maximum potential clicks per second. 

Drag clicking is most popular in competitive games such as Minecraft or Fortnite, when two players go against each other – one using drag clicking and the other using regular clicking, the player that can efficiently drag click will almost always outperform the other one. 

Can My Mouse Drag Click?


The only way to find out is to try, but keep in mind that not all mice are made equal and many mice on the market aren’t suitable for drag clicking, meaning no matter how good your form is, sometimes just because of the way some mice are built you won’t be able to replicate it. 

A good way to see which mice fit you for drag-clicking is to go out to any PC hardware store and test out the various mice on open display there. You will quickly find which mice work and which don’t.

If drag clicking is an important criterion for you when choosing a new PC mouse, then it’s best to do your research online, and also try the mouse out in person if possible before buying it.

How to Drag Click With a Mouse?

There are several ways to drag click with a mouse. Here’re the most common ones:

Normal Way (No Tape)

First, you would want to have a proper setup. It’s crucial that your hands and mouse are entirely dry and clean so that you don’t lose any friction when drag clicking with your fingers. 

Grip your mouse by just holding it from both the left and right sides with your thumb and little finger, so that the rest of your fingers are free and not required to hold or move the mouse.

Place your middle finger on the right-click button and your index finger on the left mouse button.placeing-fingAer-on-mouse

The goal is to slightly press on the mouse click keys with your fingers whilst pulling back from the top to the bottom of the mouse button. If you start to feel a vibration, it means it’s working and this is the main force that will cause the drag to click (you can verify if it’s working by using online sites for your CPM speed).

Using a Tape


Drag clicking with tape is superior to just using your fingers. You will find it hard to drag click with many mouse models without applying the tape method. 

Use a textured and rough tape and simply put a piece of it on top of your left or right-click buttons. This newly added tape will greatly increase the friction as you try to drag and click. 

After the tape is applied, simply run your index finger gently from one side to the other so that you cause friction that creates multiple clicks in rapid succession.

Using a Macro

Drag clicking will ultimately be the most consistent with a macro. Keep in mind that in some games this might be considered cheating, so ensure to read up on the terms and conditions of the game before you use third-party software or macro keys to replicate drag clicking. 

Here’s how to drag click with a macro:

  • Using your PC mouse’s proprietary software, create a new macro, bind it to a specific key and edit the macro to include a string of multiple left or right clicks. 
  • If your mouse doesn’t come with its own custom macro mapping software, you can always get a similar universal macro key binding software online. 

The advantage of using software or programming to increase your CPM is that it can be mapped to any key, not just your left or right-click mouse keys. 

What Are Different Mouse Grips?

Drag clicking can only work with certain types of mouse grips, just because of the mechanics of the human hand. Here are some of the popular grips:

Note: The above information is just a general outline, and the grip styles that work best for you depend on your hand size and mouse shape.

Related Questions

Can I Damage My Mouse by Drag Clicking?

Yes, you can absolutely damage your mouse by inappropriately drag clicking. Keep in mind that drag clicking will help wear down your mouse buttons faster than usual, and also that if done with excessive force or by clicking at odd angles it can damage your left and right-click switches.

So, practice it continuously to get the right feel for how much force you need to apply.

Can I Get Banned for Drag Clicking?

You can absolutely get banned for drag clicking on some Minecraft servers or other online competitive games that strictly forbid this practice. All such servers and games have built-in systems that detect rapid and unnatural clicking patterns.

The way to avoid getting banned is to always do your research beforehand on the exact rules and community guidelines for the game you are playing.

The good news is that many servers find drag clicking perfectly fair and anyone is free to use it, so whether drag clicking is prohibited or not should be answered on a game-by-game basis.