PDF Digital Hands

PDF Digital Hands Current administrative documents are not only in the form of physical paper. In various administrative fields, such as job applications, contract agreements, or statements, many are already using digital documents in PDF format. Like paper administrative documents, those PDF documents which are important and require approval also require signatures from the relevant parties.

Sometimes signatures are required to be digitally attached directly to the PDF document without being printed first. Users who are not used to it might find it difficult when they have to put a digital signature on a PDF. So, how do you digitally sign a PDF? Relax, digital signatures on PDF are basically not complicated.  If you are currently being asked to create a digital signature on a PDF, here is an explanation of how.

Digital hand in PDF

How to digitally sign on PDF How to digitally sign on PDF can be done via a desktop (computer or laptop) without requiring an additional application. There are at least two ways to digitally sign PDFs without additional applications. First, you can use the default Preview application on a desktop based on MacOS (Apple’s desktop operating system). Second, you can also use an online PDF editing service from the SmallPDF website. For details, please see the explanation below.

1. Digital signature on PDF via the MacOS Preview app

Find and open the PDF in Finder that you want to digitally sign. The MacOS desktop will automatically open the PDF document through the Preview application. After the PDF document is open in the Preview application, click the pen icon in the circle on the menu bar. Next, a tools bar will appear for editing PDFs. On the tools bar, select the pen icon option to start drawing a signature.

Move the cursor according to the shape of your signature. Now, you have successfully added digital signature on PDF. If you need a clear name, click the “T” icon to access the “Text” option. Then, type in your name. Then, adjust the format of your bright name text, such as changing the font, size, and color, by tapping the “A” icon in the tools bar. After setting everything up, please save the PDF that has been digitally signed.

2. Digital signature on PDF online via SmallPDF website

Open the SmallPDF site at this address https://smallpdf.com/id. Then, select the “Edit PDF” menu. Select and upload a PDF document from the desktop gallery that you want to digitally sign. After uploading, a PDF document editing page will appear. On that page, select the “Tag” option and click the pen icon.

Move the cursor according to the shape of your signature on the PDF document. Then, add a light name by tapping on the “Add text box” option. Set the text format according to your needs through the tools available in the options. Finally, click on the “Download” option to save the signed PDF.

Easy enough, isn’t it a digital signature on a PDF? This is a complete explanation of the two ways to digitally sign PDFs via the default Preview application on the MacOS desktop and via the SmallPDF site service.